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Her style is as unique as her name. The singer Latiana from Germany combines character and tenderness, similar to her favourite instrument - the electric violin. That is the reason why the violin can be heard in lot of songs; it highlights the uniqueness and individuality of Latiana's performances and magically combines the sound of pop, R&B and electronic music styles.

2017 Latiana released her first album titled “Follow me”, comprising of ten songs, each declaring pure love to dance music. Being classically educated violinist, Jazz & Pop singer she presents multiple skills in her performances. Latiana sings both in English and German, which allows her to reach a wider audience across the globe.

2018 violin dominated song “I Came I Saw I Won” comes out. With these music the singer want to encourage everyone to fight for their life, their aims and dreams.

2019 the single “You Made My Day” is a real party R&B song and absolute catchy tune. You’ll love it for sure.